What will you learn?

How to stand, how to walk, and how to grip a table tennis bat


The basic moves of the forehand drive, backhand drive, backhand push, and forehand push. 21 different training exercises to help you develop your abilities.



I'm going to teach you how to play table tennis in this well-liked course. You'll pick up the proper techniques for holding the bat, standing, and moving.



The proper technique for the four fundamental table tennis strokes—a forehand drive, a backhand drive, a forehand push, and a backhand push.


You'll also pick up some service spins. I'll demonstrate how to serve with backspin, side spin, and top spins.


Links to external resources are provided in each video lesson so you can read more about each subject.


You must first master the fundamental techniques if you want to become a great table tennis player. This program will assist you with.

Anyone interested in picking up table tennis

Excellent for newcomers and improvement. Additionally helpful for more seasoned gamers who want to brush up on their expertise. Parents who desire to mentor their kids. instructors who teach table tennis in schools. Other trainers who desire suggestions on how to impart fundamental table tennis skills.